Allergies and intolerances
* Dishes suitable for celiacs.
** Dishes suitable for celiacs with some modification.
🌶 Hot spicy.


D.O. Acorn-fed Iberian Ham shoulder with toasted farmer's bread and natural tomato.**  12.5€


  • "La Tasca" with cheese sauce, crispy bacon and mozzarella au graten. 7.9€
  • Homemade potatoes with chipotle chile brava sauce. 🌶 6.9€

Fried squid rings with lemon or brava sauce.  11.9€

Croquettes of ham. Order as many as you want!  2.2€/u

Chicken fingers with barbecue sauce. 9.9€

Fried corn nachos with beef stew, cheddar cheese and spicy sauce. 🌶 10.2€

Toasted Payés bread with Iberian ham shoulder and natural tomato.  8.2€


with a base of varied lettuces

Warm squid salad with roasted red peppers, candied cherrys, red onion and black olive vinaigrette.  12.5€

La Tasca: grilled goat cheese, wild asparagus, candied cherrys, walnuts, truffled vinaigrette and Pedro Ximenez reduction.* 10.9€

Caesar: with crispy chicken, cooked egg, parmesan flakes, dried breadsticks and Caesar sauce.** 11.5€

Mixed Salad:tuna, onion, tomato, asparagus, cooked egg, and olives.* 9.5€


With Iberian ham and French fries.** 11.9€


Risotto of mushrooms with parmesan.  11€

Grilled veal entrecote (300 gr) with patterns, French fries and Oport or mushroom sauce.* 17.9€

Meat lasagna with truffled bechamel over cheese sauce. ** 10.5€

Stir-fried noodles with vegetables, in soy and sesame sauce.  9.8€

Grilled cuttlefish with baked potatoes, green peppers and ali-oli sauce.** 18.9€

Boneless gorrin (suckling pig) with potato cream and its sauce.*  14.9€




Inurrieta Norte Roble (D.O. Navarra) - 10,8€

Pago de Cirsus (Crianza D.O. Navarra) - 15,8€

Inurrieta 400 (Crianza D.O. Navarra) - 15,8€

Ramón Bilbao (Crianza D.O. Rioja) - 16,8€


Inurrieta Orchidea (D.O. Navarra) - 14,8€

Gran Feudo (Chardonnay D.O. Navarra) - 13,8€

Campo de Delibes-Verdejo (D.O. Rueda) - 11,9€

Cava Anna (Codorniu i Brut Reserva) - 18,5€

Cava mini Anna (Codorniu i Brut Reserva) (20cl.) - 4,8€

Frizzante Verdejo Fizzy 13,9€


Inurrieta Mediodia (D.O. Navarra) - 10,8€

Lambrusco - 10,9€


Sangría TDJ casera - 15€

Sidra Zapiain - 6,4€

3/8 Sidra Zapiain - 3,9€


Pint (40cl.) 3,8€

Pint Amstel Oro (40cl.) 4€

Pint Radler (40cl.) 3,8€

Jar (1 liter) 9€

Heineken 0'0 (1/3) 3

Desperados (1/3) 3,4€

Paulaner Wheat (1/2) 4,2€

Estrella Damm Daura* 3

Estrella Galicia (33cl.) 3.2€


Ask us for your gluten-free bread.

La Tasca: Iberian ham with Idiazabal cheese, tomato bread and green pepper.** 9.5€

TDJ: Grilled tenderloin, grilled bacon, and cheddar sauce.** 8.7€

Iberian Ham: alone or with alioli or with cream of mushrooms or with tomaca bread.** 8.4€

Smoked bacon: with green pepper and cheese.** 7.8€

· Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise.** 8.5€
· Tuna, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise.** 8.2€

Chicken breast:
· Caramelized onion, cheese -Havarti and aioli.** 9.8€
· Smoked bacon with cheese -Havarti and aioli.** 8.9€

Tex mex burrito: chicken, sautéed vegetables, cheese and spicy sauce, accompanied by nachos. 🌶 8,9€

Cuban sandwich in mollet bread: roast tenderloin, ham, havarti cheese, pickles, mustard sauce and French fries. 8,9€



Ask us for your gluten-free bread.
Navarre beef with base sauce and French fries.
Add a fried egg to your hamburger for 1€ or double meet for 2.9€.

La Tasca: bacon, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and Havarti cheese.** 11.8€

Goat: bacon, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and goat cheese.** 12.5€

Havarti Cheeseburger.** 8.5€

Vegan burger (not meat) in rustic bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and tximitxurri sauce accompanied by fried corn nachos. Icono vegano.**🌿 10.8€


With croquette, french fries and padron´s peppers.
Choose your green salad * or white rice*.
Choose your sauce: mushroom, port, camembert or Ali oli.
Add your fried egg for 1€

Loin escalope with garlic breading, stuffed with mushroom cream and cheese. 12.9€

Pork rib roasted at low temperature with its sauce. New! ** 13.9€

Grilled spiced chicken breast. **  12.2€

Grilled hake. New! ** 12.9€


Complete your menu with: pasta rigate in tomato sauce and grated cheese €1.8, white rice €1.8 and / or ham croquette €2.2

Menu 1 · 9,7€
  • Beef cheeseburger on brioche or grilled chicken or fingers or meat lasagna with fries
  • Soft drink
  • Dessert (TxikiTasca cup or natural yogurt or vanilla and chocolate ice cream)
  • Surprise gift
Menu 2: for celiacs · 9,7€
  • Beef cheeseburger on bun or chicken breast with baked potatoes*
  • Soft drink
  • Dessert (TxikiTasca cup or natural yogurt or vanilla ice cream)
  • Surprise gift
Menu 3 · 7,9€
  • Pasta rigate in tomato sauce and grated cheese
  • Soft drink
  • Dessert (TxikiTasca cup or natural yogurt or vanilla and chocolate ice cream)
  • Surprise gift


Caramelized french toast with vanilla ice cream. 5.8€

"La Tasca" Cup:cheesecake mousse with blueberry sauce and biscuit base.** 4.9€

Brownie with raspberry sauce, cream and vanilla ice cream. 4.9€

Ultzama curd. 4,4€

Coffee flan with cream. 4,4€

Cheese-cake with coulis of berries and vanilla ice cream.** 5,8€



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